Rubén Salado

PhD. Student in Computer Science

professional positions

Full stack developer

University of Córdoba
Jun 2017 - May 2018
PHP, Symfony, Java, MySQL, WordPress, DevOps

Full stack developer

Mar 2017 - Current
PHP, Symfony, MySQL, WordPress

Full stack developer

University of Córdoba
Mar 2015 - Sep 2015
PHP, Symfony, MySQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Google Maps API, HighCharts API

research work

WorkGenesis: A platform for building data analysis systems for everyone


Workflow management system for the visual definition of applications based on evolutionary algorithms


final degree projects

Role: Co-supervisor and software architect

Integration and orchestration of web services for analyzing heterogeneous data sources

Java, REST API, Jersey

Modelling of interoperability between different workflow management systems

Java, Vaadin, UML, ATL, XSLT, Acceleo, EMF

Scalable data catalog management system

Java, PrimeFaces, Dropbox API, Google OAuth2 API

Development of a cross-platform data visualization system

Java, SWT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Workflow management system for educational data mining

Java, Datapro4j, Weka